Today is the day

Live at the ImprovTonight, I do something for the first time. I get up on stage and perform a standup comedy routine for a live audience.  I’m more excited about this than you can know as I sit on the precipice of this new endeavor.

I’ve been told that I’m funny all of my life and have no doubt that it’s true from the reactions I’m able to illicit from the people I interact with. However, all my life I’ve said that I couldn’t be a standup comedian because, ‘I wasn’t that type of funny.’ I always considered myself to be situationally funny where I could make people laugh by building on things that were said or the situation we were in. I could never write a comedy routine or, at least, that’s what I thought.

It wasn’t until this past year that I decided to jot down the funny things I said. Before I knew it, I had pages upon pages of ‘material’. Looking at it far removed from the original situation, some of it is funny, at least in my opinion,  and some of it is inane. However, tonight I’ll find out if it truly is funny.  If I can get the audience to laugh in the way I think they will.

If nothing else, I gave it a go. This could be a point in my life that I remember fondly as something that I set out to do and accomplished or it could be a turning point that I remember as the moment everything changed. We’ll know by 8:30.

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