The iPad 3 and my unrelenting sickness

Of course you all know that the iPad 3 new iPad was announced the other day and, as expected, I bought it. So, why am I writing about what seems to be some non-news item?  Well, it’s because of how I bought it. You see, I’ve given in.

I used to make excuses of why I didn’t need to buy that new, shiny gadget. How the current one I owned was up-to-snuff and that there was no reason for me to upgrade. Then, a few weeks later, after seeing other people walking around with a new gadget that I didn’t have, I’d buy it.  This time, I’ve just given in to my sickness.

So yes, next week I’ll have a shiny new iPad which, arguably, will be better than my current iPad. Ironically, I feel sort of liberated. I no longer have to make up explanations as to why I will be holding the new gadget that just last week I said I wasn’t going to buy. It’s kind of nice.

Oh, and I upgraded my Apple TV as well.

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