Listen to me on the latest Wake Up Late with Dougie Show – Mar 19, 2015 with Dougie Almeida, Jon Levine, & Lenny Travis

You can listen to the latest episode here:

Welcome to
the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show.  Join

Dougie & today’s co-hosts Jon Levine & Lenny Travis.  Listen in as the guys discuss; Getting out of
the “Rat Race” and not having to answer to the Man / Jimmy Kimmel had surgery
on his penis / Dougie’s not happy about Craig Ferguson’s replacement / Dougie
& Jon discuss attending Open Mic on St. Patrick’s Day


From the Headlines:
“2 gunmen captured following deadly Tunisian museum
attack; 1 may still be at large”, “Elon Musk: In the future, human-driven cars
may be illegal”, “Nestlé’s water privatization push”, “A look at California’s
emergency drought water restrictions”, “Some Northern California Farmers Not
Planting This Year, Sell Water To Los Angeles At $700 Per Acre Foot”, & “Sony
has created the Cadillac of pay TV. Would you pay $600 a year for it?


Listen &

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