Listen to me on the latest Wake Up Late with Dougie Show – June 2, 2015 with Dougie Almeida, Minda, & Jon Levine

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Welcome to
the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show

Join Dougie & today’s co-hosts, Minda & Jon Levine,
as they spend the morning discussing: 
Dougie busts Jon’s balls for not getting into the World Series of
Comedy, Minda & Dougie share stories from the WSOC, the guys comment on
Caitlin Jenner’s Vanity Fair Cover, Jon & Dougie discuss a couple of the private
gigs they recently did, Jon tells us how he saved a guy from drowning at the
dog park, & much more.

From the Headlines

“Introducing Caitlyn Jenner”, “Lion ‘jumps into car and
kills woman’ at South African nature park”, “Study: Painkillers, Anti-Anxiety
Medications Linked To Increased Risk Of Homicide”, “Horror as Enrique
Iglesias’s fingers are SLICED by drone during Mexico concert – but bloodied
singer continues performing for 30 minutes before being airlifted to LA
hospital”, “EXCLUSIVE: Undercover DHS Tests Find Security Failures at US
Airports”, “Marijuana church given tax-exempt status in Indiana: ‘Somebody at
the IRS loves us”, “Do you want an exorcism with that? World’s first witchcraft
cafe sells love-spells and black magic alongside coffee and cake”, “Loud sex
noises land woman in jail”, & “Woman stabbed in eye with fork for ‘taking
the last rib’”

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