Listen to me on the latest Wake Up Late with Dougie Show – June 18, 2015 with Dougie Almeida, Tim Hanlon, & Jon Levine

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Welcome to
the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show

Join Dougie & today’s co-hosts, Tim Hanlon & Jon
Levine as they discuss such things as; who’s running for President here in the
US,  does the rest of the world respect
President Obama?, Dougie asks, will gay marriages last longer than heterosexual
marriages?, & Much more.

From the Headlines

“Neil Young Says Don’t Use My Song — Gets The Ultimate
Response From Trump’s Camp”, “Woman Who Helped Prisoners Escape May Face 8
Years in Prison”, “Rachel Dolezal Claims There’s No Proof She’s the Daughter of
her Said Parents”, “Tiger Who Escaped Zoo Killed A Man in Ukraine”, “Rachel
Dolezal was In a Sex Tape with Her Ex-Husband”, & “Widow claims husband
died from pedicure-gone-wrong”

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