Listen to me on the latest Wake Up Late with Dougie Show – June 16, 2015 with Dougie Almeida, Tim Hanlon, Minda, & Jon Levine

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Welcome to
the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show

Today we bring your our version of the Fantastic Four,
Dougie Almeida, Tim Hanlon, Minda, & Jon Levine. Listen in as they spend
the morning discussing:  Dougie’s
recently hired some tree trimmers and wasn’t too happy with their work, Minda
observed woman being sluts in Delray, & Local comic Fasil, offers tags to
Jim Florentine after his set.  As well as…

From the Headlines

“NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal lied about being black: parents”,
“Student with dark tan accused of wearing ‘blackface’ in high school yearbook”,
“4 Tourists Plead Guilty to Obscenity for Posing Naked on Malaysian Peak”, “Video
of Santa Ana Police Pot-Shop Raid Shows Officers Eating ‘Edibles,’ Attorney
Says”, “100-year-old New York woman hits man, 84, with her car”, & “Serial
Horse Fucker Breaks Leg Trying to Fuck Horse”

Listen &

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