Listen to me on the latest Wake Up Late with Dougie Show – July 28, 2015 with Dougie Almeida, Tim Hanlon, Minda, & Jon Levine

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Welcome to the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show

Join Dougie & today’s co-hosts, Tim Hanlon, Minda, & Jon Levine as they spend the morning discussing:

Dougie’s Casino Comedy Gig in Mississippi from playing poker to his “Shitty” flight home, Tim advises comics to, “Write your own Fu$&@#* Jokes”, Jon Levine is dubbed, “The Corrector” & Minda is a solid 6-7.

Straight From the Headlines

“July 28, Cheating Wife Reportedly Busted While Sexting At A Baseball Game”

“Missouri man kills father by lying on his head to ‘prove a point’”

“Scientist warns world to ‘think twice before replying to alien signals from outer space’”

From Across the Pond

“Lord Coke quits after Sun exposes scandal”

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