Coming Up Short #25 – Kevin Javier, Eric Rosenblum, and Jon Levine

Coming Up Short with Jon Levine and Eric Rosenblum

Eric Rosenblum and Jon Levine welcome the Rip Van Winkle of the local comedy scene, Kevin Javier, to the Coming Up Short podcast. The self described ‘sweatiest hands in comedy’ talks about his start and rise in the South Florida comedy scene over the last several years and how he’s gone from a hardcore, heavy-metal comedian to type he is today. The three also talk about Kevin’s ‘day job’ of educating America’s youth and the fact that they still use A/V carts to this day.

To round out the show, the trio discuss Coming Up Short’s Standup Spotlight of the Week, the man in black himself, Brian Coronado.

Check it out.

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