Working Clean

SwearingSince my hosting gig at the Palm Beach Improv last month, I’ve really tried to focus on writing clean jokes.  Actually, I shouldn’t say clean, because they still contain curse words, but it became obvious to me during that gig how many of my jokes are sexual in nature.  I feel if I ever want to appeal to a greater range of audiences and have the opportunity to do larger hosting gigs, I need to broaden my spectrum of material so that I can appeal to a wider range of crowds.

I’m not saying that I’m a filthy or raunchy comic by any stretch, but when I was actually forced to look at my overall set, after the fact,  I realized that almost all of my jokes revolved around sex or body parts. That’s not good.  Mind you, they’re funny and I do get a good response from the audience, but I feel like I’m limiting myself.

I think that forcing myself to move away from that type of humor will only help me grow as a comedian. Plus, it’ll add minutes to my repertoire which will also give me greater appeal. I guess I just need to get my mind out of the gutter.

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