Visual Ecstasy

Admittedly, I’ve never been one for the ‘visualizer’ component of my music-playing programs. I remember when I first got Winamp and it had a visualizer and I really couldn’t have cared less. When I switched to iTunes, I found theirs to be pretty ‘ho-hum’ as well.  I never really saw the point and, more importantly, I never thought that the visuals kept very good time with the music.

Today, Apple released iTunes 8 which includes, among other things, a new visualizer.  The story is that they purchased this new feature from a third-party that had made a plugin.  I never saw this third-party’s plugin before, however, I just downloaded the new iTunes and fired it up.  All I can say is, “holy fucking shit!”

I’ve sat here, mesmerized, for the last hour going through my music collection to see how much cooler the next song would be from the last.  It’s absolutely amazing.  The music and the visual are in perfect time, the graphics are stunning, and it’s flat-out one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.  In fact, I’ve got a low-grade headache because I couldn’t stop watching this thing.

If you’re an iTunes user, get it now.  I guarantee you, the one thing that will not disappoint is this new feature.