On the road again…

Las VegasI’ve got a mission this week and that’s to get a solid bead on who to contact at a comedy club to try and get a spot while I’m traveling and how best to contact them. I’ve had this thought before and have asked a question here and there, but now with my upcoming trip to Las Vegas, I’d like to at least attempt to get some stage time while I’m there.

These are the questions that I have in my head and, once I get the answers, I’ll update this post in the hopes that it’ll help someone in the future.

1. Who’s the person to contact at a club to get in and what’s the best way to get their contact info?

2. Once I have that info, what do I send them? Is it just the dates available? Do I include a bio and a link video?

3. Is there something in particular that I should communicate to this person that’ll give me a better chance of getting a spot?

Those are the only three I can think of. If you’ve got more, leave them in the comments and I’ll see if I can get them answered.

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