Dragon Dictate has revived my blog!

This is my first blog post in a while. I made a commitment a little while ago to start writing more and actually I didn’t keep that commitment. So why all of a sudden do my writing now? Well actually, I’m not. I’m just talking.

When I was most recently the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, I met someone at my booth who told me that they use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to do all of their blog post. This really got me thinking. I thought to myself well if I could just sit around and dictate what I want to say I could save myself a ton of time and action for a lot of content onto my blog. I mean, I love to talk so it’s really not a problem for me to just sit here and talk to my Mac.

Of course, I was a little skeptical. I didn’t think it would really work the way was advertised. I figured, there would definitely be mistakes and I would spend more time correcting those mistakes than I would have if I actually just wrote the post using my keyboard. Much to my surprise, the software actually works remarkably well! I’m actually sitting here in front of my Mac using a headset with a microphone and dictating this blog post.

Now, it took me a little while to get it set up. I mean, I had to train it to listen to my voice and understand the way I spoke. I’m sure if I gave it even more training it would be even more accurate. Bottom line is, this is probably going to cut in half the amount of time it takes me to make a blog posting than it did in the past. This means, and I should start putting a lot more content on my blog then I did in the past.

I will say this, it’s definitely not cheap. I hopped onto Amazon actually paid $199 for it. Is it worth it? I think if I actually use it and actually start putting much more stuff on my blog and maybe making a little more advertising revenue because of all the new content, then yes it was. What I recommended to others? I think I would. I think that this can be a really useful tool for someone who finds himself writing a lot.

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