Coming Up Short #63 – Leon Arp, Eric Rosenblum, and Jon Levine

Coming Up Short with Jon Levine and Eric Rosenblum

It’s a banner episode for the Coming Up Short podcast as Eric Rosenblum and Jon Levine welcome the patriarch of South Florida comedy into the Chula Vista Studios, Mr. Leon Arp! Eric and Jon have been trying to get Leon on for a long time and the three were finally able to pull it together.

This is a fascinating interview that starts with Leon’s storied history as a musical entertainer which began when he was just 13 years old. We learn about his journey from the Great White North down to sunny South Florida with just a few stops in between. The three also discuss how Leon made the jump from music to comedy and why it’s so important for him to keep going out, night after night.

The three also talk about the recent Kevin Hart appearance and Speak Friday and celebrate the four South Florida comedians chosen to represent our scene and what a great job they did.

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