Coming Up Short #45 – Mike Cintron, Eric Rosenblum, & Jon Levine

Coming Up Short with Jon Levine and Eric Rosenblum

One of the elder statesmen in the South Florida comedy scene joins Eric Rosenblum and Jon Levine on this week’s Coming Up Short podcast. Mike Cintron is live in the Chula Vista studios and boy does he have some fun stories to tell.

Not only do we dig deep in to Mike’s comedy backstory, but we also come to the painful realization that he had no idea they sold weed in New Jersey. On top of that, the three discuss the Funky Buddha weekend shows and the Tuesday night open mic at Dada’s; two of the most known and well-respected rooms in South Florida that Mike runs.
Finally, we get to that age-old question: are you truly ever ready for something or is it the situation you’re in that makes you ready. You’ll have to listen to find out the answer.
Check it out!

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