Coming Up Short #24 – Phat Chopz, Eric Rosenblum and Jon Levine

Coming Up Short with Jon Levine and Eric Rosenblum

Eric Rosenblum and Jon Levine are back in the Chula Vista studios for another edition of the Coming Up Short podcast and today we have a big in-studio guest, both literally and figuratively. Jonathan Cardenas or, as he’s better known as, Phat Chopz joins us for this week’s episode and boy is it a good one.

The three discuss the Homefield Comedy Club and how it’s risen to be one of the premier comedy destinations in South Florida. We also talk about Phat Chopz beginnings and how he got his comedy start. It’s gets real when Chopz delves into his inner workings and really opens up to the Coming Up Short audience.

Finally, the three talk about Mike Atcherson, this week’s standup spotlight.

Check it out!

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