Carry These = Score with Girls

I’ve given this a lot of thought and I think I’ve come up with the three items that a man can carry that instantly makes him more attractive to the opposite sex.  In case you’re wondering: yes, I do have too much time on my hands.

3. Surfboard

Have you ever seen that guy walking along the beach carrying a surfboard? Yeah, that guy gets laid.  I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that surfing is physically intensive and the guys that do it are usually ripped.  Or, it could just be the shaggy hairdo’s, perpetual tans, and ‘no worries’ attitudes.  Regardless, carrying a surfboard scores points with the ladies.




2. The young of most species

Next time you’re out and about, walk around carrying a baby/puppy/kitten and watch the women flock.The young of any species is a big attractor of the ladies.  There are some exceptions, I mean, walking around with a baby tarantula ain’t gonna cut it.  Plus, with a baby, there’s the single dad/wife at home factor.  Though, sometimes even that works in your favor. Personally, out of the three, I’d go with the dog. Not only do they attract the girls while they’re puppies, but full-grown dogs work almost as well.  I know this because I have a dog who’s sole purpose in life is to get me laid.


1. Guitar

This one’s obvious.  Walk around with a guitar slung over your shoulder and the panties will pretty much take themselves off.  This correlates to my ‘guitar-and-microphone’ theory, which states: give an average looking guy a guitar and microphone, put him on stage, and he’ll need to have a second penis implanted to handle all the chicks.  That being said, walking around with a guitar, no matter where you are, is a big one.  It’s pretty indigenous to guitars, too.  Not that other instruments don’t attract the ladies, but you can’t really walk around with them on your back. A guy carrying a set of drums or a keyboard looks like a dork (or a mover). Nope, guitar is it.  I think I’m going to go and start taking lessons.

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