Coming Up Short #47 – Jen Hellman, Eric Rosenblum, and Jon Levine

Coming Up Short with Jon Levine and Eric Rosenblum

This week’s Coming Up Short podcast is a new one for both Eric Rosenblum and Jon Levine as they get deep into the workings of interpersonal relationships with their guest Jen Hellman. 

Eric and Jon’s lack of experience on this topic really shines through as Jen talks about what it’s like. Not that this episode is all about that, but it does cover the interesting topic of when one partner is into standup while the other is not.

The three also talk about the Funky Buddha show on Saturday night that they performed in and why comedians should be jealous of other comedians. 


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Coming Up Short #46 – Awni Issa, Eric Rosenblum, and Jon Levine

Coming Up Short with Jon Levine and Eric Rosenblum

It’s our Christmas Week special episode on the Coming Up Short podcast, which is even more profound when you realize it’s coming from two Jews. This week on the show Eric Rosenblum and Jon Levine welcome Awni Issa to the Chula Vista studios where we start right off the bat with some hard-hitting questions.

The three not only discuss Awni’s start in the comedy scene, but also why he thinks that everyone thinks he’s soft and what’s the minimum thread count your sheets should have. Plus the three touch on the new Star Wars movie (no spoilers) as both Awni and Jon have seen it.
Check out episode #46 with Awni Issa and have a Merry Christmas!

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Coming Up Short #45 – Mike Cintron, Eric Rosenblum, & Jon Levine

Coming Up Short with Jon Levine and Eric Rosenblum

One of the elder statesmen in the South Florida comedy scene joins Eric Rosenblum and Jon Levine on this week’s Coming Up Short podcast. Mike Cintron is live in the Chula Vista studios and boy does he have some fun stories to tell.

Not only do we dig deep in to Mike’s comedy backstory, but we also come to the painful realization that he had no idea they sold weed in New Jersey. On top of that, the three discuss the Funky Buddha weekend shows and the Tuesday night open mic at Dada’s; two of the most known and well-respected rooms in South Florida that Mike runs.
Finally, we get to that age-old question: are you truly ever ready for something or is it the situation you’re in that makes you ready. You’ll have to listen to find out the answer.
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Smokey Bones commercial

The commercial that I shot for Smokey Bones BBQ restaurant is out! I won’t spoil it for you, but that is one fine piece of acting right there because I definitely would have made a different choice!

Listen to me on the latest Wake Up Late with Dougie Show – Dec 8, 2015 with Dougie Almeida, Jon Levine, & Talia Brahms

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Welcome to the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show

 Join Dougie & today’s co-hosts Jon Levine & Talia
Brahms as they discuss such things as; Religion vs. Science, Do you believe in Aliens?  Jon gives us all more great advice on flying, Jon is asked to shave his beard for an acting gig, & have you ever had to deal with an embarrassing date?

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