My name is Jon Levine. I'm a part-time standup comedian, full-time online marketer, and all around swell guy. I don't know how you got here, and frankly, I don't care.
If we've never met or we've known each other for years, it doesn't matter.
You are here now and you are safe.

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Coming Up Short #7

  Coming Up Short Episode 7. Eric is back in the studio after his nearly three-week trip to New York City. He and Jon talk to this week’s in-studio guest, Terry Wayne, about his comedy origins, best practices for new comedians, and upcoming shows. This week’s episode also features our new ‘Comic Spotlight’ where we […]

Just Say No

Trying to do too much

There’re two things that happened over the course of the last few weeks that made me think about the topic of spreading yourself too thin. The first, was an offer that came my way to be a part of a new room that’s trying to get off the ground. I was approached to be a […]


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