Christmas may come early this year

So, I just read this article stating that the National Enquirer is about to release a story stating that Vice Presidential candidate and self-proclaimed ‘hockey mom with small town values, Sarah Palin, has had an affair with one of her husband’s business associates (see: another fisherman).  Oops.  Now, before you dismiss this by saying that it’s only the National Enquirer, they’re the one’s who broke the story of the John Edwards affair. Even more so, if there’s one truly politically neutral newspaper on the planet, I would say that it is the National Enquirer (they only want to make money, they don’t care who they smear).

The article isn’t out yet, so I haven’t read anything and there’s no verification that this is even true.  However, it would be great if it was.  Nothing like a sinking ship.

C’mon. Really?

There’s a chance that we’ll soon have a President who, admittedly, doesn’t know how to use a computer or the internet and a Vice President who’s been outside of this country exactly once. Now, maybe it’s me, but I’m not OK with that.  

I don’t want this to come out as a rant against small towns in this country, but Sarah Palin was right:  small town people grow our food, work in our factories, and fight our wars.  They don’t run our multi-national corporations, govern our large cities or, if there is any such thing as good karma in this world, have the ability to make decisions that effect billions of people.   I’d rather leave that up to the well-educated, not the barefoot beauty queens.

This woman looks and sounds like a New Jersey soccer mom.  That’s great, I’m not against them.  I am, however, against a New Jersey soccer mom in the number two spot in the country.  Speaking of the way she sounds, I can totally see how badly Saturday Night Live is going to make fun of her.  That nasally-annoying voice and robotic speaking pattern. I can’t wait.  But, I digress.

If the rest of the country can’t see through this sham, I feel sorry for us.  If the McBush/Stalin ticket is elected, we deserve everything we get.

Oh, and by the way:  they keep showing Bristol and her new ‘fiance’ (who I’m sure just JUMPED at the chance to marry her… must have been the shotgun pointed at him) on TV.  Such a good looking, well-mannered young man.  Here’s excerpts from his MySpace profile.  Yeah, good luck with that.

Sinclair Lewis was right

I’m watching Mitt Romney speak at the RNC right now and the only thing I can think of is a quote from Sinclair Lewis who said:

“When facism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

Should I be excited or frightened?

I, like most American’s who are following politics, have been reading anything I can get my hands on regarding John McCain’s pick for VP, Sarah Palin. While I’ve shouted voiced my opinion on the subject to a few friends and co-workers, I decided to keep it away from my blog.  However, after reading my very good friend Jackie Schechner’s almost continuing coverage of the situation, I thought it was time to chime in.


Oh yeah, she's qualified
Oh yeah, she's qualified.

I don’t now if I should be really excited about this pick or really frightened.  On the surface, I want to be excited.  Surely, the choosing of such a clearly unqualified individual will result in the downfall of McCain’s bid for the White House.  Even someone who is in favor of the Republican party and nearly blinded by the light of faith can add up the facts and see her shortcomings.  This, for all intents and purposes, should be an early Christmas gift for the Democrats.  Not only has McCain willfully removed the ‘inexperience’ sword from his armory, but he hastily chose a running mate without knowing the full baggage that comes with her. 


It seems so obvious to me; there’s nothing that even needs to be made up in this situation. She bases her political agenda on family values, teaching abstinence and pro-life, then reveals she has a pregnant teenage daughter.  Oh, she’s keeping the baby, so that speaks to the pro-life commitment and I keep hearing her repeat that Bristol is going to marry the father (interestingly enough, she never says when), but how about you get your own house in order before you tell me how to run mine?  Why is no one screaming that this is a failure of her way of thinking by saying that teaching abstinence didn’t work?  You can bet dollars-to-donuts that had this been Obama’s daughter they would have bought billboards saying that Dems ‘condoms-for-students’ programs are a sham.  You know who could have realllly used a condom?

With all that, why would I be frightened?  Four words: George Bush’s Second Term.  I no longer will put anything past the stupidity of this country.  No longer will I give the average American the benefit of the doubt.  My faith has been shaken and nothing short of a landslide Obama victory will restore it.  There’s an entire swath of folks in this country that will do whatever it is other’s tell them to do.  Sheeple, I believe is the term.  And unfortunately, the Republican’s no how to work the shit out of the sheeple.  

I should be happy about this.  I should be thinking that this is sewn up.  However, what I am thinking is that this woman could very well be in the White House, one precious heartbeat away from sitting behind the desk.

God help us all.

If this is my third blog, how can this be my first post?

How many times can one start a blog?  I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s gone through multiple iterations of their own personal online journal, but hey, I’m not here to talk about other people.  The first blog I started, “You can mix vodka with anything” crashed and burned after I left NYC and moved back to Florida.  To that point, I’d never worked in a strict, corporate environment and didn’t think that anyone would care about what I was writing in my free time.  Once I started getting questioned about what was happening in my personal life by my bosses, I figured it was time to put the kibosh on that.

My second blog was of the video variety.  While I thought it was very good, it spoke specifically of my dating exploits which led to it being pretty sexual in nature. Again, a paycheck got in the way of that one.  People have a funny way of reacting when they see you in a video on the web talking about your sexual escapades, so I decided not to risk it.

That brings us here, to the brand-new  I first purchased back in 1999 with the intent of learning web design.  Through the years, I’ve coded the site by hand in Flash, HTML, and CSS. However, until recently, you needed to have your own site to showcase your being on the web.  It was only a few years ago that the MySpaces, Facebooks, and Flickrs of the world arrived whereas you could put your life online for others to find and follow.  It was then, I think, that the personal website died. remained floating in this ether, stagnant, while I continued to pour my efforts into keeping my other outlets up-to-date.  It was only recently, after attending a session on ‘personal branding’ at the most recent Affiliate Summit, that I decided to resurrect and return it to it’s past glory.  While its role has changed, my photos are now on Flickr, my quick thoughts on Twitter, etc., its mission is still the same:  showcase who I am to the public at large under the thought that they actually care (which I doubt they do).  

So, with that, let me welcome you to the new  Third times a charm.