Mission (1) Accomplished

After taking a standup comedy class at the Improv Fort Lauderdale for the last five weeks, I got up on stage and made my debut. I was very pleased with the response I received and, as you’ll see in the video below, there were lots of laughs.

So, what’s next? More performances and the second part of the class. There’s an ‘advanced’ class that starts in a month that I’ve already signed up for and, in the meantime, I’m going to hit some open mic nights and get on stage as much as I can.

So, without further ado…

Today is the day

Live at the ImprovTonight, I do something for the first time. I get up on stage and perform a standup comedy routine for a live audience.  I’m more excited about this than you can know as I sit on the precipice of this new endeavor.

I’ve been told that I’m funny all of my life and have no doubt that it’s true from the reactions I’m able to illicit from the people I interact with. However, all my life I’ve said that I couldn’t be a standup comedian because, ‘I wasn’t that type of funny.’ I always considered myself to be situationally funny where I could make people laugh by building on things that were said or the situation we were in. I could never write a comedy routine or, at least, that’s what I thought.

It wasn’t until this past year that I decided to jot down the funny things I said. Before I knew it, I had pages upon pages of ‘material’. Looking at it far removed from the original situation, some of it is funny, at least in my opinion,  and some of it is inane. However, tonight I’ll find out if it truly is funny.  If I can get the audience to laugh in the way I think they will.

If nothing else, I gave it a go. This could be a point in my life that I remember fondly as something that I set out to do and accomplished or it could be a turning point that I remember as the moment everything changed. We’ll know by 8:30.

Addictive personality


I’ve always considered myself to not have an addictive personality. That’s not to say that I don’t have vices, I do. Lots of them. None of them, however, have ever gottent the best of me. I’ve always felt that they have been well controlled and never interfered with, what I’ve always considered to be, my responsible life.

Sure, I like to drink. But, I’ve never skipped work to go to a bar at 10am and get drunk. I like to gamble, but not enough to throw my rent money away. I’ve even done drugs, but none of them has ever ‘had a hold’ on me.

I say all of this as I’m staring at a Starbucks. That’s significant because I drink Starbucks coffee nearly everyday. I do my best not to miss it and, when I do, I’m not in the best of moods. This revelation made me reevalutate what I always thought to be true.

Maybe I do have an addictive personality.  Maybe I’m actually very addicted to things that I enjoy. I mean, I’ve continued to do them for the better part of my life. Maybe instead of thinking that I don’t have an addictive personality, I should start thinking that I have a ‘well-controlled’ personality. I have addictions, I’m just able to keep them in check.  But, does that make them addictions at all?

The iPad 3 and my unrelenting sickness

Of course you all know that the iPad 3 new iPad was announced the other day and, as expected, I bought it. So, why am I writing about what seems to be some non-news item?  Well, it’s because of how I bought it. You see, I’ve given in.

I used to make excuses of why I didn’t need to buy that new, shiny gadget. How the current one I owned was up-to-snuff and that there was no reason for me to upgrade. Then, a few weeks later, after seeing other people walking around with a new gadget that I didn’t have, I’d buy it.  This time, I’ve just given in to my sickness.

So yes, next week I’ll have a shiny new iPad which, arguably, will be better than my current iPad. Ironically, I feel sort of liberated. I no longer have to make up explanations as to why I will be holding the new gadget that just last week I said I wasn’t going to buy. It’s kind of nice.

Oh, and I upgraded my Apple TV as well.

Argh! South Florida Drivers!

Please use your turn signal

Please use your turn signalHere’s a tip to all other drivers on the road in South Florida: there’s this little stick located on the left side of your steering wheel that, when push up or down, will activate your turn signal.  This signal, for those that don’t know, is used to tell other drivers which direction you may be heading.  I know this sounds crazy, but as it turns out, it might be helpful for me to have that information.

The second step in using your turn signal, is to turn it off when you’re done using it.  In doing so, you won’t give other drivers a false sense of what you are actually going to do.  This in turn can prevent other drivers from pulling out in front of you thinking that you may actually be making a turn.

That is all.