Don’t call it a comeback

I’m in the midst of a business trip right now, but felt the need to write a quick post about last night’s debate (if you want to call it that).

Hands down, Obama won.  Even looking at it through the eyes of someone who is not a Barack supporter, there’s no denying that he looked more poised, more in control, and gave more specific details of his plan of action.  McSame, on the other hand, looked flustered and grumpy.  He spoke in mass generalities (just like Palin, what a shocker) and made absurd statements  like, “…fixing Social Security is easy.”  Oh, I see John, you’ve just been waiting for the right time to do it.  Twenty-six years in Congress and you just never got around to it.  Nice work.

After last night’s debate, and along with everything that’s happened in the last few weeks, anyone who can look at McSame and still think he’s the best man for the job is certifiably insane (or a racist).  Which actually brings up an interesting point:  I can actually understand someone not voting for Obama because he’s black better than I can not voting for him because they think McSame is better.   That’s sad.

Best News of the Week – Obama 52%, McSame 43%

There’s a new poll out, taken by the Washington Post and ABC News.  In it, 52% of those polled support Barack Obama, while 43% support John McCain.  I would suggest reading it, but here’s a few key points:

“The poll found that, among likely voters, Obama now leads McCain by 52 percent to 43 percent. Two weeks ago, in the days immediately following the Republican National Convention, the race was essentially even, with McCain at 49 percent and Obama at 47 percent.”

“As a point of comparison, neither of the last two Democratic nominees –John F. Kerry in 2004 or Al Gore in 2000 — recorded support above 50 percent in a pre-election poll by the Post and ABC News.”

And this about Palin:

“…reaction to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, McCain’s running mate, has cooled somewhat. Overall, her unfavorable rating has gone up by 10 points in the past two weeks, from 28 percent to 38 percent.”

Even more importantly:

“Independents, key swing voters, now break for Obama, 53 percent to 39 percent, reversing a small lead for McCain after the Republican convention.”

Finally, the crux of what this election is going to be about because guess what, it ain’t getting any better:

“In the new poll, voters once again gave Obama higher marks than McCain when it comes to dealing with the economy, 53 percent to 39 percent. Two weeks ago, Obama’s edge on the question was a narrow five points, his lowest of the campaign. Among independents, Obama’s advantage on the economy — now 21 points — is greater than at any point in the campaign.”

Again, read the article and, even more importantly (if you can), DONATE.  Everything helps and the minimum donation is $15.  I donate every week.  I think we need a change. Don’t you?

Should I be excited or frightened?

I, like most American’s who are following politics, have been reading anything I can get my hands on regarding John McCain’s pick for VP, Sarah Palin. While I’ve shouted voiced my opinion on the subject to a few friends and co-workers, I decided to keep it away from my blog.  However, after reading my very good friend Jackie Schechner’s almost continuing coverage of the situation, I thought it was time to chime in.


Oh yeah, she's qualified
Oh yeah, she's qualified.

I don’t now if I should be really excited about this pick or really frightened.  On the surface, I want to be excited.  Surely, the choosing of such a clearly unqualified individual will result in the downfall of McCain’s bid for the White House.  Even someone who is in favor of the Republican party and nearly blinded by the light of faith can add up the facts and see her shortcomings.  This, for all intents and purposes, should be an early Christmas gift for the Democrats.  Not only has McCain willfully removed the ‘inexperience’ sword from his armory, but he hastily chose a running mate without knowing the full baggage that comes with her. 


It seems so obvious to me; there’s nothing that even needs to be made up in this situation. She bases her political agenda on family values, teaching abstinence and pro-life, then reveals she has a pregnant teenage daughter.  Oh, she’s keeping the baby, so that speaks to the pro-life commitment and I keep hearing her repeat that Bristol is going to marry the father (interestingly enough, she never says when), but how about you get your own house in order before you tell me how to run mine?  Why is no one screaming that this is a failure of her way of thinking by saying that teaching abstinence didn’t work?  You can bet dollars-to-donuts that had this been Obama’s daughter they would have bought billboards saying that Dems ‘condoms-for-students’ programs are a sham.  You know who could have realllly used a condom?

With all that, why would I be frightened?  Four words: George Bush’s Second Term.  I no longer will put anything past the stupidity of this country.  No longer will I give the average American the benefit of the doubt.  My faith has been shaken and nothing short of a landslide Obama victory will restore it.  There’s an entire swath of folks in this country that will do whatever it is other’s tell them to do.  Sheeple, I believe is the term.  And unfortunately, the Republican’s no how to work the shit out of the sheeple.  

I should be happy about this.  I should be thinking that this is sewn up.  However, what I am thinking is that this woman could very well be in the White House, one precious heartbeat away from sitting behind the desk.

God help us all.