Turtle Wax makes me look smart!

My latest TV commercial just debuted. It’s for Turtle Wax’s new line of car-care products. Not only is that the smartest I’ve looked in years, but it’s also the most car washing I’ve done in a decade.

Check it out!

Smokey Bones commercial

The commercial that I shot for Smokey Bones BBQ restaurant is out! I won’t spoil it for you, but that is one fine piece of acting right there because I definitely would have made a different choice!

My (second) TV commercial debut

I used to do TV commercials when I was a kid, around the ages of 4-7. I hadn’t even thought about doing them again until I got into standup comedy. So, I took some head shots, got an agent, and began auditioning.

A couple of months ago, I participated in a commercial shoot that was of ‘hidden camera’ type  for an energy company. Well, the commercial just debuted and I’m in it!

I make a couple of appearances starting around the 1 minute mark. Check it out!